Ann Larsen

Bold and Fearless Plein Air Painting

September 3, 2024September 8, 2024
10-12 Student maximum
Yellow Pine Ranch, Cuchara, CO
All levels but must having outdoor painting experience

Workshop Overview

Bold & Fearless ~ Plein Air Painting
Ann Larsen
Yellow Pine Ranch, Cuchara, Colorado ~ September 3-8 2024

2 spots still available..class is a go!

Workshop Description

Exceptional intimate instruction with a maximum of 12 students.

“I believe painters can improve their work if they understand that it is a painting they are creating and not just rendering a scene. Creativity is a mixture of intuition and permission! I stress bold and fearless in painting to move past the hesitation that so many painters face.
The workshop is designed to help students do just that and to loosen their style and capture the emotional moment in their paintings. Emphasis will be placed on concept, composition, value, color and edges. We will focus on building texture, large mass simplification, seeing color and color temperature and how to mix the right color and value to convey that. The use of thick paint and brushwork to make a dynamic statement will be practiced and reinforced.

Ann will do demonstrations that cover the concepts for each day. Also, any questions students have will be addressed as well as viewing work by historical and contemporary artists, to help inspire and energize us for the day ahead, will be discussed. Each afternoon will end with a critique of the day’s paintings.

“Students always bring a wealth of information to my workshops, and we always enjoy lively exchanges of ideas and knowledge about painting, art history and the art life in general.”

Meet your instructor

Ann Larsen

I strive to create a feeling of time and place in each painting

Northlight Gallery in Kennebunkport, ME states, "Ann's work exhibits the careful, thoughtful hand of an artist deeply committed to both her medium and her environment.   Ann is able to suggest the power, grace and mood of her subject as she captures the essence of New England in her landscapes and seascapes."

Ann is an award winning artist living in upstate New York's Adirondack Mountains.  Born in Louisville, Kentucky, Ann began traveling and living throughout the United States at the age of 18.   After completing a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Central Oklahoma, she and her family moved to Denver, CO where Ann began to focus on her painting and fell in love with the western landscape.   Even though she lives in a beautiful part of the country, where plein air painting is a challenge almost any time of year, Ann also spends time painting on the coast of Maine and throughout the Southwest.

Ann's approach to the landscape is to simplify as much as possible in order to create the strongest paintings.  "I want my viewers to know how I felt about a place when I painted it.  I'm not trying to copy what I see nor am I interested in lots of detail.  I want to suggest a subject with the buildup of paint and exciting brushstrokes."

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what to expect

"Marty, again thank you! such a great workshop, you put on the very best. Having an all inclusive experience builds camaraderie and the  artist "artist mindset." You are simply great!





Supply List
Ann Larsen

Any colors are welcome. As a minimum have a basic palette of a warm and a cool in each primary.
LARGE tube of Titanium White or Titanium White/Zinc Mixture (Gamblin sells this and Utrecht’s is called Utrecht White)
PLUS a tube of ivory black or Gamblin’s Chromatic Black
ultramarine blue or ultramarine deep
cobalt blue or cobalt blue hue
alizarin crimson permanent or quinacridone rose
cadmium red light or permanent red medium (made by Rembrandt Extra Fine)
cadmium yellow medium
cadmium yellow lemon
yellow ochre pale
***Pochade Box/outdoor easel such as SolTek, Open Box, or Strata
There are several good ones on the market, but I would stay away from the wooden French easel if possible. They are cumbersome and hard to set up.

Good bristle brushes in sizes Flats #4 to #10 as well as 1 or 2 softer brushes for blending, same sizes

Solvent & Medium - oil painters
Odorless mineral spirits - Gamsol or Turpenoid. No Home Depot type.

Canvas – panels or stretched canvas in sizes 6x8 to 11x14 for field work. Have at least 3 per day or more. One or two larger ones for the studio. But, no larger than 16x20.

Sketch Book and soft pencils (ex. 4B, 5B,6B etc.) small handheld sketchbook for thumbnail studies. I use size 5.5 x 8.5.

- Palette knife - large enough to mix paint with - 2-1/2" x 1" min. length
- Large lidded solvent container that seals. The ones with strainers in the bottom are a must have. Otherwise, you are just dipping into the muck in the bottom and not really cleaning you brushes. Fill container 2/3 full of solvent.
- Roll of Paper towels or rags
- Plastic or paper grocery bags for towel disposal or any reusable container.


3185 includes everything, tuition, accommodations, most with private baths, three meals a day, appetizers after class and adult beverages at happy hour and with dinner.. Lodging tax is NOT included in the price Non-painting spouse or friend $885 and always welcome!.
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how to apply
or call 719-545-2795
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