Teresa Vito

Painting the model from life Figure/Portrait

May 15-18, 2023 Monday-Thursday
12 Student Maximum
Pueblo, CO Not all-inclusive
Beginner to Advanced must have painting experience

Workshop Overview

Painting From Life with Teresa Vito

This workshop incorporates morning short poses to help you loosen up and learn to simplify using quick value and color sketches.  In the afternoon we will have a long pose for portrait or full figure, your choice. This will give you time to slow down and really see the more subtle variations of shape, temperature, and edges.

Teresa will demonstrate in the morning, and work with each student individually to ensure each student receives personal attention at their own level of experience.

Three full days of working with the model. On the fourth day Teresa will help you finish one of your paintings or create a new painting from the sketches you have done. That afternoon we will have a show and tell and critique session.  We will explore what each person has learned and address issues that will help you to move your painting to the next level.

Vito is knowledgeable and enthusiastic teacher who is willing to share all she has learned herself, after many years of painting professionally.  She wants you to become the best painter you can be!

Meet your instructor

Teresa Vito

“ From the time I picked up my first crayon I knew that I had found it.

The “it” that was my undying passion, forever to be fascinated with color, line, and shape.”

Teresa Vito’s paintings reflect the beauty she sees all around her.

She loves painting living energy, whether it is the outdoor landscape, berries and flowers picked for a still life, or the unending variety of the human face.

Vito has been a full time oil painter since 1992 and she currently lives in Pueblo, Colorado.

Vito has a BA in Studio Art from the State University of New York at Geneseo and has taught and studied at the Art Students League of Denver, The Taos Institute of Art, and the Loveland Academy of Fine Arts. She painted with Master Artist Richard Schmid for five years.

Teresa Vito has won numerous national awards including an Award of Excellence, Best Portrait and Best Still Life from Oil Painters of America.  She also received the Best of Show Award from the Artists of Colorado Exhibition held at the Colorado History Museum. Southwest Art Magazine chose her as Collector’s Choice for Still Life. Recently Vito received the Best of Show Award from Plein Air Artists of Colorado’s National Show . Also received the Art Of The West Editor’s Choice Award and Best Body Of Work at the 10th Anniversary Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painter’s National Paint Out. Vito has been granted signature membership with Knickerbocker Artists, Oil Painters of America, Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters and Plein Air Artists of Colorado.  The Sangre de Cristo Art Center purchased a painting for their permanent museum collection.

Vito is the artist for the Pueblo Chile brand which is now a Colorado License plate.

Vito is known for her enthusiastic and knowledgeable teaching skills. She has taught numerous workshops locally in Colorado and New Mexico and internationally in Provance, Burgundy and Bordeaux, France, Tuscany Italy, the island of Hydra in Greece,

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and NYC and most recently Marrakech Morocco.

Mural in Pueblo

Colorado License Plate


what to expect


We are excited to announce this figure workshop will be held at the exquisite Orman/Adams Mansion. Centrally located in one of Pueblo's historic neighborhoods just a minute from Downtown restaurants and shops. The mansion is a landmark property. Classic Victorian architecture, and formerly the residence of two Colorado governors, Orman and Adams.

The workshop will be held in the quaint carriage house on the property. The carriage house offers great light inside and the option of doing some outdoor painting with the model in natural light on the beautiful grounds.

Lucky students coming in from other cities for the workshop have the option of booking their overnight stay here, an extraordinary experience! Reasonably priced too!

Upon enrollment you will receive maps to the property, as well as suggestions for other overnight options.






MY PALETTE                                                  LIMITED PALETTE 

Burnt Sienna or Transparent Oxide Red

Transparent Oxide Red (Rembrandt)                Yellow Ochre

Terra Rosa (Winsor&Newton)                             Quinacridone (Permanent) Rose

Yellow Ochre                                                            Cadmium Red Light

Cadmium Yellow Pale or Lemon                          Alizarin Crimson (Quinacridone Violet)

Cadmium Yellow Medium                                      Ultramarine Blue/Cobalt

Cadmium Yellow Deep                                            Terra Rosa or similar earth tone

Cadmium Orange                                                      Viridian

Cadmium Red Light                                                 Titanium White

Permanent Rose (Winsor&Newton)

Quinacridone Violet (Gamblin)

Dioxazine Violet                                                      CANVAS ( I use Claessen #13 double primed)

Ultramarine Blue                                                      3 portrait sizes: Boards are easier to use

Cobalt Blue                                                                 12”x16” , 14”x18” or 16”x20”

Manganese Blue                                                        AND   20 or so  quick sketch sizes

Viridian                                                                        8”x10” , 9”x 12” or divide up larger canvas

Sap Green ( Grumbacher)                                         and paint multiple images on it.

Titanium White                                                            You can use up your scrap canvas-long skinnies

are great ! Old sanded paintings work too!

COLORS for Skin Tones. If you pick any colors from my extensive palette, I use a lot of Terra Rosa (Winsor & Newton for it’s warm/cool shade) Transparent Oxide Red (Rembrandt makes the best) Yellow Ochre, with Viridian and Cobalt to cool and darken.


  • I use bristle (hog hair) filberts. My favorites are Robert Simmons Signet #4,6 ,8 and 10. I also use some flat bristles.
  • I use mongoose brushes because I use slick canvas (cheaper synthetics are fine)
  • Isabey 6158 are my favorite, theses are brights. You just need a few softer small detail brushes preferably in brights or flats. They just need a sharp edge.
  • Just make sure you have a variety of sizes of quality brushes.
  • I also use those cheap bristle 2’’ house painting brushes you can get at a hardware store with a light wood handle for a couple of bucks.

Additional Items: Odorless Turpentine, paper towels (VIVA), plastic bag for trash, sketch book for notes.

EASELS:  Bring your own. If you would like a chance to be up front, you will need to bring a French box or a pochade so you can sit down up front and people can see over you.  I will bring 2 extra French boxes to give those of you that don't have one to give someone a turn up front.


Price does include the daily model fee (4 days) but not tips for the model (tipping is at your own discretion but greatly appreciated!) A $300 non-refundable deposit is required upon registration. (See the registration page for details.)
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how to apply
or call 719-545-2795
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