John Poon

Beyond the Basics / Successful Painting

September 22, 2024September 27, 2024
7-10 student maximum
Pueblo, CO Orman Mansion
All levels but must having outdoor painting experience

Workshop Overview

Course Description:
Beyond the Basics/Successful Painting

In this Four-day workshop, we will cover the various fundamentals
of Value, Color, and Composition as the basis for creating successful landscape paintings. While working from reference, we interpret the values as from life, with a greater sense of life to our
shadows, and an acute feel for the atmospheric perspective. It is
the aim of the course to develop greater skills of observation,
while at the same time understanding the keys that lead to correct relationships in the landscape. This will have a profound effect to both our outdoor and studio work. A step by step procedure for creating and finishing a painting will also be covered.
It is an intensive course designed for the students seeking dramatic results for their painting, The goal of the class is about the
process, and understanding that good results come through consistent work and effort. Instruction will include lecture and slide
presentation, demonstration, class and individual critique, and is
geared to all levels beginner through advanced.

Meet your instructor

John Poon Bio

John Poon has been a working artist for over 35 years. He graduated from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and was offered a position as an instructor of Drawing and Painting. He eventually served as Director of Foundations overseeing classes in Drawing, Sketching, Perspective, and Color and Design.
A sought-after instructor and painter, his works can be found in both private and public collections across the country. Among his numerous awards and recognitions, his most recent honors include Best of Show at the National Wildlife Museum Annual Plein Air invitational, Artist Choice 2016 Maui Plein Air invitational, and the Gold Medal Artist Choice Award at the Maynard Dixon Campout.
John is represented by the Mountain Trails Gallery in Park City, UT, The LePrince Gallery in Charleston, SC, and the Walls Fine Art Gallery in White Sulphur Springs, WV.
He finds his home in Utah.

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what to expect

We are excited to announce this workshop will be held at the exquisite Orman/Adams Mansion. Centrally located in one of Pueblo's historic neighborhoods just a minute from Downtown restaurants and shops. The mansion is a landmark property. Classic Victorian architecture, and formerly the residence of two Colorado governors, Orman and Adams.

The workshop will be held in the quaint carriage house on the property. The carriage house offers great light inside and the option of doing some outdoor painting on the grounds or we may leave the site and travel to a close outdoor location.

Lucky students coming in from other cities for the workshop will stay at the property. an extraordinary experience!  This is an all-inclusive workshop.

Upon enrollment you will receive maps to the property.




Fundamentals of Landscape Painting Oil and Acrylic
Suggested Supply List

Oil Paints and Heavy Body Acrylics:
Titanium White, Cadmium Red Medium, Cadmium Yellow Light
(or Utrecht brand Cad Yellow Lemon), Cadmium Yellow Medium,
Ultramarine Blue, Transparent Red Oxide (or Utrecht brand Burnt
Sienna). Cerulean blue.
Oil Mediums and Solvents:
* Gamsol, linseed oil
* Acrylic Mediums:
** Acrylic Gloss medium, Water
***Silver Bristlon Flats # 4, #6, #8, #10, Small Round Sable size 2
Acrylic Palette (for Acrylics only) : Masterson’s Painter’s Pal Palette
(w/ sponge and palette paper).
Canvas and Panels in assorted sizes ranging from 6x8 to16x20
Palette Knife, water container and spray bottle (for Acrylics), Turp
Can ( for oils). Brush cleaner or soap, paper towels, plastic grocery bags, backpack or bag for carrying supplies.
* Please only the use of low odor Gamsol as a solvent. Please no
use of Liquin, Odorless Turp and other petroleum based mediums and solvents.
** Water is a perfectly suitable medium for use with Acrylic paints
in lieu of a painting medium.
*** Sliver Bristlons are an excellent synthetic Bristle that can be
used with either oil or water based paints. Any quality small
round sable will suffice.
Note: This list includes paints and mediums for both Oils and
Acrylics. Please choose one or the other, depending on which
medium you intend to work in during the course of the week.


.3185 includes everything, tuition, accommodations, three meals a day, appetizers after class and adult beverages. If students opt to stay somewhere else but eat meals with us, 1,650. If ;you need more explanation please feel free to call. Intimate personal instruction with a very small class. Class will be held at the exquisite Orman/Adams Mansion which we will call home for the week painting in the spacious studio space, or perhaps some paint time out on location.. Lodging tax is NOT included in the price.
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how to apply
or call 719-545-2795
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