How to Apply

All-inclusive properties must be booked 60 days prior to the beginning of the workshop.  This is why it is crucial to sign up early so that a workshop does not get canceled. Committing early is the best tool for helping us get to our goal of numbers of students needed to call a workshop a go.

Early registration is a must. Early registration helps to ensure the workshop will go. Workshops are subject to cancellation if minimum enrollment is not met 60 days prior to the beginning of the class. If any workshop does not meet the minimum enrollment students receive a full refund. Maximum enrollment is 8-12 students in all workshops except premium workshops which are all-inclusive with 8-12 student maximum.

Workshop Size

These workshops are small 8-12 participants; each student is crucial in making the workshop a go!  This policy ensures the workshops will go and not be canceled by last-minute cancellations. If a workshop fills before 60 days prior you will be notified and the balance will be due at this time, and no refunds will be given from deposits or full balances already paid for any reason. 


Upon registering for a workshop a $600 deposit is required.  Art in the Aspens will retain $600 of the $600 deposit upon any cancellation request for any reason.  Art in the Aspens is not responsible for any seminars missed due to illness, emergencies or other events.


We do not accept enrollment via Paypal or online credit card.  There is no on-line registration.  We talk personally to all enrollee's to make sure they will feel comfortable and confident working at the level of the class they choose, and that they will enjoy the class and have the best learning experience possible. Please call Art in the Aspens to enroll at 719-545-2795.

Sending Payment

Please make checks payable to Art in the Aspens.
Sorry, we cannot be responsible for non-refundable airline tickets.

515 Quincy St. Pueblo, CO 81004
Phone: 719 545-2795 Cell: 303 618-4840


The $600 deposit may be transferred to any other workshop within the same calendar year, there is a $50 transfer charge.  If you need some flexibility with the balance due just ask and we will do our best to accommodate your needs with a payment plan.  We must be strict about this policy, last-minute requests have become an issue in the last few years.

Travel Insurance

Art in the Aspens Workshops has no obligations regarding any additional costs or fees related to the issuance and or cancellation of airline tickets purchased by the participants or other travel reservations. Art in the Aspens accepts no liability for any airline cancellation penalty incurred by the purchase of a non-refundable ticket. Nor does it accept responsibility for canceled flights.

We recommend checking into travelguard to ensure refunds on airline travel.

We have found it necessary to raise the cost of deposits and change some of the policies for cancellation due to last minute cancellations by students that are enrolled. These new policies give us a little more insurance that the workshop can proceed even with some cancellations.  

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